Linked By Blood
Kathy Lane


Title: Linked By Blood

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ISBN: 9780012778906

The moment the mighty Blade, Bracca CuLaurian sees empath, Sheren NiAnnun, he fights his desire for the young widowed mother. Not only is his life pledged to his Bloodsworn, but his past sins make him an unfit mate for any woman, let alone an empath. Never before has the line between desire and duty been so impossible to cross. Sheren's late husband taught her to resent a Blade's duty, and she has since vowed to avoid those fierce warriors. Then Bracca awakens her empathic senses with a vengeance. How can she deny her feelings for him and possibly keep her vow When her young son is linked to Bracca's Bloodsworn, the consequences that threaten to destroy them and those they hold dear, may also be the very thing that brings them together.

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