Reborn in Amber
Kathy Lane


Title: Reborn in Amber

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ISBN: 9781612171449, 2370004342436, 9780014498888

Sometimes you have to die to get a second chance at love. Princess Zurine, acting ambassador for Mystia, can hardly believe her eyes. Kiel was supposed to have died in a blizzard over a year ago. Not only is he alive, he's a Silver Blade, a warrior in the service of her brother's enemy. What else did he lie to her aboutâ€besides loving her? When Kiel became Blade sick, he faked his death and gave up the woman he loves. Now, the link with his Bloodsworn is fading, and he must see Zurine to explain. Without access to the planet's magic he will surely die, yet he prefers death to a life without her. Magic sparks a passionate confrontation when Kiel and Zurine face each other and the truth. Can two star-­crossed lovers find their second chance at love? Or will a deadly plot prevent Kiel's rebirth in amber?

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