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Stolen Hearts
Sasha L. Miller

Sasha L. Miller

Stolen Hearts
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Title: Stolen Hearts

29 downloads, last downloaded at March 6, 2019

ISBN: 9781936202645

Mervyn is accustomed to the unusual and strange. People of all walks come to him with problems that only magic can solve. A wizard of no little skill, he enjoys the challenges that come with his job and that he can offer help to people who have nowhere else to go. Even fairies, long abused by wizards for the special energy they can provide, find their way to his door.­But when Callisto, a terrified and maliciously attacked fairy, shows up to ask for his help, he presents a challenge that even Mervyn finds overwhelming. In place of his heart, Callisto has only a charm, and it will kill him in a matter of days if Mervyn does not find a solution.

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