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The Wider Circle
Mary Caelsto


Title: The Wider Circle

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ISBN: 9780982678411, 9780012601099

Still grieving from the loss of her father, Dharma takes a job in a neighboring state with the hopes that the change in location will help her get on with her life and maybe find her faith again. She arrives to find the job gone and with it her hopes. She goes to a ritual on the Autumn Equinox, a time for thankfulness, and when a handsome man asks her what she's thankful for, she finds she cannot answer. Acting as a High Priest in the ritual changes Sid's life. He's making plans to move out of state and form a new Wiccan Coven, except he's missing the other half of his circlea high priestess. When he sees Dharma he knows there's a spiritual soul hidden inside her grief, and he longs to bring her out. But when Sid can't wait any longer and has to move in order to keep his job opportunity, will Dharma go with him Can Sid show Dharma that the Goddess hasn't forsaken her, and that there's a wider circle for them to explore

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