B. D. Dark ; Roxy Harte

B. D. Dark ; Roxy Harte

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Title: Domsub

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Domination and submission, yin and yang, two halves that make a perfect whole. This duet of stories walks the razor's edge of the real BDSM scene. Dominance, by B. D. Dark A man indulges in his longheld secret desire to exercise power and control over a woman. He meets his perfect match in Kim, another newbie to the scene, who wants to give herself to a master. Together they experiment, pushing sexual boundaries to the limit. What is his role as a Dom Should he end the torture even if his submissive begs for more Submission by Roxy Harte Julia is the grieving submissive of Master Jasper. After two years, three months, and eighteen days of crying she decides enough is enough and decides to get laid, even if it means nobody is going to get hurt. What she doesn't expect is to be set up by her friends on a blind date with a professional Dominant who goes by the name of Lord Draco. The question is, how far is Julia willing to go for pleasure...­and pain Publisher's Note This book contains VERY explicit sexual conte

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