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Sword of the Guardian
Merry Shannon


Title: Sword of the Guardian

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ISBN: 9781602823587

A shocking assassination creates an unconventional bond between a princess and her guardian in a kingdom filled with political intrigue danger and unexpected romance. Princess Shasta Soltranis enjoys a pampered life of court dances elaborate finery and the occasional secret fencing match with her twin brother Daric. But in the midst of a birthday celebration her world shatters when a mysterious assassin takes her brother's life. Shasta the only remaining heir to the throne narrowly escapes the assassin's blade thanks to the intervention of a traveling acrobat named Talon. With the threat of another attempt on Shasta's life imminent her father declares that the young hero will be come the Princess's bodyguard. But what Shasta doesn't know is that her new guardian has a very well-­kept secret: he is actually a she. Talon and Shasta soon grow closer than anyone especially her father could have predicted. Will the truth of her guardian's secret change their relationship forever?

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