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Playing With Fire
Rose Francis


Title: Playing With Fire

1829 downloads, last downloaded at April 21, 2018

ISBN: 9781301152506

Janet Cooper has a small problem dumping her unfaithful fianc has only made him obsessed with her, turning him into a stalker continually begging for her forgiveness. Janet soon realizes her troubles are just beginning, especially since her new work partner Eric is an irresistible hunk and she has promised herself a threemonth hiatus from sex since her breakup. Eric Anderson has a small problem he has been hired to infiltrate Cooper Investment Inc. via its heir apparent Janet, but once he sets his eyes on the beauty, it's no longer just the business he wants to infiltrate. As Janet's exfianc gets more and more aggressive in his pursuit of her, she turns to Eric for strength and friendship, sending her ex into jealous rages. The least of her problems becomes her fantasies of Eric and resisting her urges as the men in her life begin showing their true colors, and she sees that playing with fire could leave her scarred for life.

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