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One Night with her Bodyguard
Adams, Noelle


Title: One Night with her Bodyguard

369 downloads, last downloaded at September 14, 2015

He gave her more than his protection...­for one hot night.­*As the daughter of a Hollywood mogul, introverted Claire Kenyon has often been thrown into the limelight, despite her best efforts to live a quiet life. When her father receives a threat aimed at her, he surrounds her with security, including sexy Michael Lyle, who offers Claire very close protection.­Michael has always been professional and unemotional, so Claire isn't prepared for the depths she discovers he's been hiding. He's her bodyguard, however, and there are certain lines he will never cross. The more irresistible she finds him, the more he tries to resist.­But then everything changes in only one night...­Contemporary romance novella.

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