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Kathi S. Barton


Title: Ryland

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ISBN: 9780016639975

A wet washcloth was handed to Alistair and he slapped it none too gently on the back of her neck. She tried to lift her head and he pushed her back down and glared at his brother. He had to take his anger out on someone, and he was the perfect target for it. You had to scare her off on the first day, didnt you You just couldnt stand the fact that you didnt know that Colette wouldnt work for you and that Id found you suitable help in the meantime. His brother started to speak, but Bronwyn lifted her head again and he shoved her back down. You should be horse whipped. The shrill whistle made him leap from Bronwyn. Hed heard men whistle like that, but never a woman. He smiled at her when she stood. Damn, but this girl had spirit. You will not shove me around like an old, unwanted piece of furniture. Ryland told her to sit down and shut up and she stepped close enough to him to touch. And I am not a dog to be ordered about like one either. She stomped to the elevator again. Bronwyn didnt need this crap and she ce

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