Man in Uniform
Celia Jade


Title: Man in Uniform

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ISBN: 9781554877089

WARNING this book contains a Menage scene. Evie's sex drive has been suffering and any bedroom romps leave her with a scary feeling of emptiness. Even a threesome on Halloween doesn't work. She's on the verge of seeing a therapist while her friend, Brook, entertains cop fantasies she'd rather not hear about. With two cops for brothers, Evie's familiar with the harsh reality of the profession and has no intention of getting involved with one. Walking mindlessly in Manhattan gets her mugged, but a stranger becomes her hero when he recovers her bag. She's instantly drawn to his good looks and offers to treat him to coffee. With attraction sizzling between them, Jedd Madden is full of surprises, including the title Lieutenant attached to his name. When he asks her out on a proper date, she panics and blurts out her sex problem. Instead of running the other way, he is determined to treat her with his own brand of therapy.

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