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A Man Shared
Shannon Pearce

Shannon Pearce

A Man Shared
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Title: A Man Shared

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A Beau to Beau Romance short story Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing Intro Bram hated getting together with someone else's family, but went every year with his lover to visit his lover's relatives. Bram's lover thought that it was the most loving thing that Bram could have done for him. Bram didn't go for his lover, however. Bram went because of another man, his lover's brotherinlaw. Bram thought the man was gorgeous, with his muscled body and tight butthugging shorts. Every year, Bram would stare and fantasize about Jordan and himself together. In Bram's fantasy, the two of them take each other instantly, and have hot sweaty sex right there at the reunion. This year is no different, and Jordan looks hotter than ever.

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