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A Stranger's Touch
Boroughs, Roxy


Title: A Stranger's Touch

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Winner of the Writer's Voice Award.­Single mom, MAGGIE HOLMES, is a by-­the-­book Calgary cop, until her seven-­year-­old asthmatic son, Davie, is kidnapped. Frantically grasping at any hope, she turns to STAFFORD WEBB, a former FBI psychic who retrieves information through his sense of touch.­Stafford is reluctant. Unbeknownst to Maggie, he helped with the Tommy Hutchinson kidnapping case six months earlier, but didn’t get to the child in time. Haunted by images of the boy, Stafford retreats inward and focuses on his other private obsession: finding the killer, James Ryan Morley—the man who also murdered Stafford’s older sister when she was sixteen. It's a trail that's led Stafford through the eastern states and across Canada.­Still, the desperation in Maggie’s eyes is too great for Stafford to ignore. Following his visions, they set off on a journey through the rugged terrain of the Northwest Territories—and along the jagged line between faith and reason.­61,­000-­word Romantic Suspense. Adult language, some violence, sexual situations.­“A gripping story from a fresh voice in romantic suspense.­” Nora Wilson - Best-­selling Amazon Author.­EXCERPTMaggie leaned against the door. A film of tears bathed her eyes. Her upper lip trembled. She looked beaten. Defeated. A broken shadow of the woman he'd met on the police station's steps. Stafford tried to keep his own emotions buried. But he was scared. For her welfare. Grief made people do crazy things.­Within seconds, any sign of weakness disappeared. Beaten, the woman may have been, but she sure as hell wasn't broken. She pulled herself together and pushed away from the door.­"Look, I don't have anywhere to turn. My baby is gone. And I will do anything and everything I can to find him. I'm not a person who prays, but I've been praying every minute. I don't believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the Bogeyman, but if I thought one of them could help me, I'd be tracking them down and hauling them off to the crime scene too. You're all I've got.­"Please,­" she said, her steady voice defying the tears in her eyes. "I'm begging you. Help me.­"Something inside Stafford's chest twisted. Memories of the Hutchinson boy slammed into him. Memories of his sister, years before. Memories he'd blocked out of his waking hours – ones that came to him now only in dreams. Dreams that had him praying for morning.­He had a purpose. One he'd spent his adult life pursuing. He couldn't afford distractions. But neither could he deny this mother the hope she needed.­He cupped his hands behind his back to hide their unsteadiness. "Where are you parked?­"PRAISE FOR "A STRANGER'S TOUCH""In A Stranger's Touch, Roxy Boroughs takes the reader on a desperate hunt from Calgary, Alberta to the northern fringes of civilization—so far north that wild bison are a commonplace hazard on the highway. Maggie Holmes is searingly believable as a police officer forced into the position of victim when her seven-­year-­old son is abducted from his schoolyard. Stafford Webb is intriguing and sympathetic as a former FBI agent willing to use his secret talents to help Maggie locate her son—even if it means great pain and sacrifice to himself. Boroughs' plot seamlessly weaves basic police work and paranormal input into a fast-­paced story of suspense and redemption.­"– C. J. Carmichael, multi-­published Harlequin author. "Roxy Boroughs' A Stranger's Touch grabbed me by the throat from the opening page. Calgary cop Maggie Holmes' son goes missing and the only man who can help her find him is psychic Stafford Webb, but Webb has his own demons to battle. Time is running out for Maggie's son. Will she find him before his kidnapper takes him to their final destination? Or will she lose her heart to a man haunted by the ghosts of his past? Full of rich characters, unexpected twists and outstanding story-­telling, A Stranger's Touch will enthrall you!­" – Julie Rowe, author of "IceBound

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