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Observations on the Florid Song
Pier Francesco Tosi


Title: Observations on the Florid Song

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he Opinions of the ancient Historians, on the Origin of Musick, are various. Pliny believes that Amphion was the Inventor of it; the Grecians maintain, that it was Dionysius; Polybius ascribes it to the Arcadians; Suidas and Boetius give the Glory entirely to Pythagoras; asserting, that from the Sound of three Hammers of different Weights at a Smith's Forge, he found out the Diatonick; after which Timotheus, the Milesian, added the[2] Chromatick, and Olympicus, or Olympus, the Enharmonick Scale. However, we read in holy Writ, that Jubal, of the Race of Cain, fuit Pater Canentium Cithar? and Organo, the Father of all such as handle the Harp and Organ; Instruments, in all Probability consisting of several harmonious Sounds; from whence one may infer, Musick to have had its Birth very soon after the World.


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