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The Homecoming
Silver, Jordan


Title: The Homecoming

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When she was sixteen, she was too young;­now she's older and he intends to claim her once and for always. Donovan Chase is a lieutenant in the little California town called The Cove. When his best friend's little sister, whom he's been in love with since she was too young to be loved by a man like him returned home, he made up his mind that this time he was going to have her no matter what. Shania Spalding took the country by storm with her skills as an investigative reporter. Now she's coming home to lick her wounds and get herself back together after a break-­up. She's always held a secret lust for her older brother's hot friend, but knew she could never have the older more sophisticated Donovan. It isn't long though before the forceful lieutenant makes his move and takes her over. Things get a little complicated though, when her ex shows up in their small town looking for trouble.

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tifah on 2015-­11-­01 07:­59:­49

plzzz I want to read this book like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest on 2016-­07-­12 12:­40:­47

Plz plz plz i wanna read this book like really baaaaddddd…