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Billionaire Erotic Romance Boxed Set
West, Priscilla


Title: Billionaire Erotic Romance Boxed Set

698 downloads, last downloaded at April 20, 2019

Five of the hottest erotic romance authors present 7 steamy full-­length novels that will leave you breathless... The Sandstone Affair by Priscilla West Julia Sharp is a headstrong business owner. Mark Stone is a wealthy venture capitalist. When a crisis brings the two of them together, sparks will fly, sexual boundaries will be explored and neither of them will be the same again…. Bonds of Attraction by Alana Davis Leon Christensen is tall, dark, and tortured. When he comes into matchmaker Julie Facet’s office, it’s to find him someone to share his life with. Little do they know, that their attraction to each other may threaten their very lives... Winner Takes All by Sherilyn Gray Damien Taylor is the wealthy owner of Taylor Stables, one of the premiere horse racing stables in the country. When young female jockey Sasha Cormick wins the race of a lifetime and captures Damien’s attention, their passionate affair draws a scandal that has never been seen before... Bound by Fate by Sherilyn Gray Dove is a woman without a past. Stricken with amnesia and struggling to survive on the streets, she happens to get into the household of the enigmatic Victor Draper. When Victor makes her an indecent offer that she can’t refuse, will she be able to give him what he wants? One Last Dance by Angela Stephens Sophie isn't your average dancer. One night, she meets the man that will change everything for her. Henry Medina is tall, dark, broodingly handsome and all he wants is one dance with Sophie. When a dance becomes more than a dance, will Sophie and Henry crash together, or will their passion tear them apart? His Every Touch by Harriet Lovelace Courtney Bell thought she was going to have it all. A recent graduate with an MBA from Stanford and a job offer to the prestigious Asgard Corporation--­the world was going to be her oyster. But years later, she's still stuck in the same entry-­level position she started in. Dissatisfied with corporate culture and office politics, she walks into her annual performance review expecting to be turned down again for a promotion. What she doesn't expect is that her reviewer is the CEO, Vance Forster, and his plans for her extend far beyond a simple promotion... His Secret Desire by Alana Davis Samantha Dubois lives in a bland, fluorescent, world of gray. Her life once had so much potential and promise, but not anymore. Working as an underpaid and overworked temp at Strauss Engines, she struggles to get through every day. One fateful day, a few careless words out of her mouth send her on a collision course with the wealthy, powerful, and mysterious CEO of Strauss Engines, Alexander Strauss.

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