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All Dogs Bite
Andria, Alexx


Title: All Dogs Bite

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USA Today bestselling author Alexx Andria crafts another MC romance that will leave her readers breathless. When BBW Delainey Jones pictured the love of her life, she never imagined a hard-­as-­nails MC leader who is as bad as they come but when a man climbs through her window, bleeding from a gunshot wound and needing a place to hide, all she can see is one hot, sexy man in need of her help and she doesn't hesitate. But Delainey's compassionate nature might be her undoing because this man isn't the kind a sweet, trusting woman like Delainey should let in her bed...­or her heart. In fact, he's the worst kind of man for a woman like her. Too bad she can't seem to get enough... Bronx Harris doesn't know what to think of the curvy strawberry blonde but he does know that she's pretty sexy and he's down with recuperating with her as his personal nurse while he lays low. But all too soon, Bronx finds himself feeling more than he should -- more than what's safe -- for the curvy, innocent woman and he knows he ought to walk away. But Delainey is like a drug in his system and before long, walking away feels like the last thing he wants to do...­even though he knows he'll never be the man she needs him to be. Can their love survive the collateral damage of two worlds colliding? Find out in the thrilling sequel to Alexx Andria's Kings of Asphalt, Club Chrome series EXCERPT: "So...­my name's Bronx...­what's yours?­" "Delainey, but my friends call me Dee.­" He waited a moment, then asked in a low, teasing voice. "Are we going to be friends?­" "I don't know,­" she answered, watching him. "Logic tells me probably not but...­there's something about you that's pretty exciting.­" "You mean, aside from the obvious?­" He pointed at his bandaged wound and she grinned. Hell, she had a great smile -- in fact, it light up her whole face and suddenly, she was almost pretty. Okay, he was downplaying things a bit. She wasn't hard on the eyes. Everything about her was soft and sweet, a definite 180 from the chicks he usually messed around with and his junk was nearly busting through his jeans, ready to agree with him. "Yeah, aside from the obvious. Let's just say I agree...­will I live to regret this new found friendship?­" "Probably,­" he said with complete honesty, then hit her with a charming smile of his own. "But it'll be a wild ride, for sure. You game for a little excitement in your life?­" Hello, magic words. Her pupils dilated and her tongue darted out and she nodded slowly, almost reluctantly, only he saw the arousal in her flushed cheeks and shortened breath and he knew he had her. Oh yeah, this chick would be easy to manipulate and it might even be a little fun, too. "All right, Dee, buckle up, baby, cuz this joy ride is dangerous.­" Looking for Zoe, Jax and Hunter's story, check out Kings of Asphalt, Book One in the Club Chrome series!

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