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In the Barn
Kitt, Selena


Title: In the Barn

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NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING and AWARD WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITT - OVER A MILLION BOOKS SOLD!­Selena Kitt’s *Sibling Lust*—where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo fantasy to life.­The temptations of the flesh prove too much for devoutly Amish Sarah, and to make matters worse, the devil has come in the form of her own adopted brother, Eli. When she discovers him doing something strangely exciting in the barn, Sarah can’t help letting her hair down, in more ways than one, and together the siblings give rise to a new definition of sin.­Selena Kitt SingleShort Story—Big Bang!­Warning: This title contains shameless displays of the taboo so sinfully-­hot it could send them to hell for eternity—but it would be worth it!­EXCERPT:­“I saw you.­” I admitted it, feeling the heat move into my cheeks. He flushed, too. “Eli, it was so wonderful!­”“Sarah, I’m sorry.­” His eyes dropped to the hay. “It is a sin. I shouldn’t. I need to stop. I know you’ll have to tell Ma…or Da.­”“No.­” I swallowed hard at the thought and cradled his hand against my cheek. “I don’t want to tell.­”“But…”“Something that feels so good can’t be a sin,­” I insisted, half sitting now, back on my elbows. “It can’t possibly. I just…I understand now. Why you keep doing it, how the whole world opens up for a moment and you feel like you’re dying, or flying. I felt like I could touch God himself.­”He was staring at me, wide-­eyed. “How long were you watching?­”“I’ve watched lots of times.­” I lifted my chin, defiant, in spite of my flushed cheeks. “I touch myself too.­”Eli gaped. “Where?­”I hesitated before slowly placing a hand between my legs, over my long skirts. “Here.­”Puzzled, he frowned. “But you don’t have…”“I know.­” I shrugged. “But it feels good, all the same.­”His eyes brightened, still focused between my legs. My hand still rested there. “Will you… show me?­”Stunned, I stared at him for a moment, unable to breathe. The sort of sin I’d committed so far was nothing compared to what he was asking. Only babies were allowed to be naked in front of others. I looked into his eyes, saw the eagerness, the hunger there, the longing I felt too, and slowly I started to lift my skirt. His gaze followed its path, up my knee-­sock covered calves, and then my bare knees. He gasped when he saw those, his eyes following the path of my skirt up my bare thighs until I had it pulled up to my waist.­Then I pressed my hand between my legs, over the heated, damp mound there, and began to rub myself. He watched, fascinated, his breath coming almost as fast as mine.

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