Living Dangerously
Dee J. Adams


Title: Living Dangerously

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ISBN: 9781426895500

Series : Book 4 of "Adrenaline Highs"
Book four of Adrenaline HighsJulie Fraser, Hollywood's newest "it" girl, arrives on the red carpet to more than just the flashes of the paparazzi's cameras. A sniper's shots leave her bleeding and in the line of fire. Her life would be over if it weren't for the bodyguard who comes to the rescue—taking a bullet in the process.­Troy Mills, a P.­I. working undercover, couldn't stand by and watch an innocent woman die, but now he's torn. How can he tell her that he's not a bodyguard, but a P.­I.? A P.­I. hired to prove that Julie is sleeping with the movie producer he's pretending to protect.­When a second attempt is made on Julie's life, Troy realizes that keeping her safe is more important than any supposed affair. And in order to keep her safe, he'll have to keep her close. But desire and danger are hot on Julie's heels. Who could have guessed that protecting an A-­list actress would not only put Troy's life in jeopardy, but his heart as well?­Go back to the beginning in Dangerous Race, available now!­123,­000 words

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