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It Begins with a Kiss
Eileen Dreyer


Title: It Begins with a Kiss

221 downloads, last downloaded at May 7, 2019

ISBN: 9781455519316

Series : Book 3.­5 of "Drake's Rakes, The"
A Drake's Rakes Short Story! Fiona Ferguson wants nothing more than to flee Miss Lavinia Chase's Finishing School. Rather than the safe haven the girls' families presume it to be, the school is intent on making its charges conform to the rules-­by any means necessary. For Fiona, the only thing worse than staying at the dreaded "Last Chance Academy" would be abandoning the friends she's made there. But when she receives word from home that her sister is in trouble, Fiona plots her escape . . . A devoted spy in service to the Crown, Alex Knight takes his duties very seriously. His latest assignment-­to ensure that the incorrigible Fiona remain safely at school-­turns out to be far more of a challenge than he expected. After matching wits with the fiery Scottish beauty, he learns that the greatest danger of all . . . begins with a kiss.­Word Count: 13,­500.

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