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The One Who is Two - Book 1 of White Rabbit
Stuart Oldfield


Title: The One Who is Two - Book 1 of White Rabbit

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With his life in complete meltdown, Simon Cadwallader finds himself transported into an alternative reality. Hallucinogenic dream or a parallel universe? Either way, he arrives completely disorientated and with no memory of his previous life – not even his own name.

As he gradually gets his bearings, it becomes apparent that our amnesiac hero is an unwitting participant in a game about which he knows nothing. Indeed, as the story unfolds, the pivotal nature of his role in this game becomes disturbingly clear, as does the multitude of attendant dangers.

Alice in Wonderland for adults, Odyssey for the post-­psychedelic age, or improbable mystical allegory, the four books of White Rabbit combine black comedy with surreal adventure into a weird and fantastical entertainment.


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