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Andrew Marvell
Augustine Birrell


Title: Andrew Marvell

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ISBN: 9781465553386, 9783655165188, 9783847208631

The name of Andrew Marvell ever sounds sweet, and always has, to use words of Charles Lamb?­s, a fine relish to the ear. As the author of poetry of exquisite quality, where for the last time may be heard the priceless note of the Elizabethan lyricist, whilst at the same moment utterance is being given to thoughts and feelings which reach far forward to Wordsworth and Shelley, Marvell can never be forgotten in his native England.

Lines of Marvell?­s poetry have secured the final honours, and incurred the peril, of becoming ?­familiar quotations? ready for use on a great variety of occasion. We may, perhaps, have been bidden once or twice too often to remember how the Royal actor

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