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Swann's Way
Marcel Proust


Title: Swann's Way

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ISBN: 9781412169875, 9781465523600, 9781625580672, 9781438576923, 9781625000644, 9781304666086, 1230000100333, 1230000097166, 1230000237064, 1230000030333, 1230000036954, 9781412147163, 9781470955274, 9781300068488, 9780016179990, 9780000776365, 9780016354588, 9783655069677, 9781105821523, 9780016402708, 9780149042260

Both a psychological self-­portrait and a profound meditation upon the artistic process, Proust's seven-­part masterpiece changed the course of 20th-­century literature. the first volume, introduces the novel's major themes and the narrator, a sensitive man drawn in his youth to fashionable society. Its focus then shifts to Charles Swann, a wealthy connoisseur who moves in high-­society circles in nineteenth-­century Paris and a victim of an agonizing romance. This masterly evocation of French society and its rendering of a search for a transcendental reality independent of time, ranks as a landmark of world literature. Unabridged reprint of the classic 1922 edition.

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