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How to Manage Time and Productivity
Dr Jim Porter


Title: How to Manage Time and Productivity

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ISBN: 9781466177925

Entrepreneurs Brief Guide – Volume 4. This e-­book consists of twelve “Entrepreneurs Brief Guides” for personal success. It addresses briefly all you need to know about managing time and productivity; including overcoming procrastination, prioritization, productivity, organisation. It also contains independent and practical advice for individuals and entrepreneurs. This guide is invaluable to individuals and entrepreneurs who are seeking personal growth and success. LEARN HOW TO: 1.­Overcome procrastination, 2.­Use your time efficiently, 3.­Prioritize your tasks, 4.­Schedule effectively, 5.­Maximize your productivity through enhanced focus, 6.­Get everything done faster, 7.­Manage your time better, 8.­Become well organized, 9.­Manage time at your workplace, 10.­Manage your workload, 11.­Use the power of leverage to achieve more and 12.­Plan and manage your New Year's

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