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Let's Get Lost
Manning, Sarra


Title: Let's Get Lost

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Sixteen-­year-­old Isabel insults her friends, sabotages her enemies, steals from her father, bullies her brother, lies, drinks, and smokes. She also makes the most of her hard-­fought position as the queen bee and "biggest bitch" at her school. But Isabel's story is more than that of a bad girl gone worse; it's about a girl unable to grieve for her mother until she hits bottom. The one bright spot in Isabel's life is Smith, a thoughtful college student Isabel meets at a party. She lies to him about her age and has a sexual relationship with him. Although he helps her find respite from the person she has become and despises, the lies required to maintain the relationship accelerate Isabel's final unraveling. Despite Isabel's abrasiveness, readers will see through her facade, find themselves drawn to her, and be saddened by her self-­destructive downward spiral. When all appears lost, a sudden, tidy redemption ends the novel on a hopeful note. Fans of Manning's Guitar Girl (2003) will recognize some familiar characters here.

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