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Sebastian (Bowen Boys #5)
Barton, Kathi S.


Title: Sebastian (Bowen Boys #5)

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The man is a computer genius… Sebastian Bowen is the computer mastermind of the family. He’s always loved high tech stuff and he’s good at it. So good that he’s always busy with everyone else’s stuff, and sometimes the family’s computer needs are unintentionally placed on the back burner. Ama really wants to help Sebastian’s parents, but not at the expense of her pride. Sebastian Bowen can go to hell as far as she’s concerned. No one accuses her of taking advantage of people. She doesn’t roll that way. He forgot the first rule: Never piss off a Fae… Sebastian’s parents go looking for her so that Sebastian can apologize. Once Sebastian meets her he knows who she is―his mate. Ama is an Earth Fae and he can’t touch her unless she allows him to. They’re off to a rocky start, but things get heated when they discover a demon has his sights set on Ama too. There’s never a dull moment in the Bowen household. Can Sebastian hold it all together and keep the girl too?

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