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Crucifox #1 The Green Eyed Monster
Melanie Tushmore

Melanie Tushmore

Crucifox #1 The Green Eyed Monster
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Title: Crucifox #1 The Green Eyed Monster

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Sky Somers is an extraveller; the son of a folk musician and a new age hippy. Sky's form of rebellion is electric guitars, and he wants his own band. His desire is to set the world to rights through music. Brandon Cruikshank is new to London, recently arrived from Glasgow. Charismatic, charming; a natural born performer. Brandon is openly bisexual, with a penchant for dressing in women's clothes. His desire is to be adored. From the moment Sky meets Brandon, he knows he has to have him. Brandon, in turn, wants Sky. But that's when it becomes clear they both have very different desires in mind. Brandon wants Sky as a lover, yet Sky only wants Brandon as a singer in his band. Misunderstanding set aside"or apparently so"Brandon and Sky become firm friends. To escape equally troubled pasts and families, they change their names. Now, Brandon Fox and Sky St. Clair are ready to take over the world. As the years roll on, Brandon's desire for Sky still simmers, waiting. Then a chance night sharing a hotel room sparks

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