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Under the Moon's Shadow
Haddix, T. L.


Title: Under the Moon's Shadow

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Shadows Collection/Leroy's Sins #2 Be careful what you wish for... From the time she was a teenager, Beth Hudson only ever wanted two things out of life--­to become a journalist for the newspaper her family owned, and to be with Ethan Moore. With the first goal marked off her list, she has no idea how to go about achieving the second, especially since Ethan himself seems determined to stand in her way. As the distance between Beth and Ethan grows, a mysterious, handsome stranger arrives in town, his presence only adding to Beth’s confusion. When strange nighttime lights and Satanic altars start appearing across the rural Indiana county Beth calls home, she is distracted from her heartache over Ethan’s uncaring attitude. Frustrated by the lack of concern from local law enforcement and resolved to find answers, Beth launches her own investigation. What she uncovers is much more than what she bargained for. Unsure of who to trust, Beth continues looking into the odd occurrences. As she closes in on the truth, it becomes apparent her persistence is pushing someone’s buttons in a big way. Refusing to give up before the truth is revealed, Beth’s determination to get answers could end up costing her everything--­even her life.

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