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Emma: Part Two
Lopez, Lolita


Title: Emma: Part Two

357 downloads, last downloaded at April 20, 2019

After their moment of torrid passion is interrupted by clanging alarms, Emma, Max and Jack face off against a horde of zombies. Her small Outlands farm is quickly overrun by the endless stream of undead, and the trio has no choice but to make a run for it. Just when all seems lost, a Zed team from Outpost Nine saves the day. But Emma quickly discovers that being claimed as a mate by the two capable, commanding cyborg officers carries consequences she never dared to imagine. Separated from her men and tossed into quarantine, Emma questions her decision to trust Max and Jack. When Max breaks every rule in the book to break into the quarantine unit, Emma will have to choose what she wants: a future with Max and Jack or a new life, alone, in the Outlands.

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