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The Pregnant Witness (Special Agents at the Altar #1)
Childs, Lisa


Title: The Pregnant Witness (Special Agents at the Altar #1)

360 downloads, last downloaded at August 4, 2019

Strong, handsome and crossing a dangerous line! An expert at catching bank robbers, FBI special agent Blaine Campbell isn't sure who to trust. He's just rescued the beautiful assistant manager from being abducted by robbers--­but was it an inside job? What if pregnant Maggie Jenkins wasn't a hostage but a co-­conspirator? After several harrowing attempts on the young widow's life, the steely Blaine relies on his instincts: Maggie wasn't involved. The only thing she's guilty of stealing is his heart. Risking his life to find Maggie's would-­be killers has become more than a job. She and her unborn child could be the future he never imagined for himself. All he has to do is keep her alive.

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