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The Hitman
Silver, Jordan


Title: The Hitman

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Drake Cisco is a hit-­man with an agenda. Ten years ago, his dad offed himself when he was accused wrongfully of stealing from the town's leading citizen. The fact that the black Drake was dating the man's white debutante daughter at the time had a lot to do with the way things went down, and once Drake figures this out, he's out for blood. He doesn't much care who's on the other end of his scope when he pulls the trigger, until the day he's hired to take out Sal. Drake has no idea that Sal is actually Selena Delgado, a young girl on the run for her life; but when she makes him look twice, he knows for damn sure there had to be a female under the atrocious disguise. Things really get heated up when the hot headed Colombian gives him a run for his money and gets him to thinking about things like hearth and home. All the things he'd long convinced himself were out of the works, since the day he first picked up a gun for hire. turned out to be not only very you the girl is the stepdaughter of the boss who wants to have sex with her but she escapes him now he wants her dead.

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