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Charles Wilson, Robert


Title: Spin

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One night the stars go out. From that breathtaking "what if,­" Wilson (_­Blind Lake_, etc._­) _­builds an astonishingly successful mélange of SF thriller, growing-­up saga, tender love story, father-­son conflict, ecological parable and apocalyptic fable in prose that sings the music of the spheres. The narrative time oscillates effortlessly between Tyler Dupree's early adolescence and his near-­future young manhood haunted by the impending death of the sun and the earth. Tyler's best friends, twins Diane and Jason Lawton, take two divergent paths: Diane into a troubling religious cult of the end, Jason into impassioned scientific research to discover the nature of the galactic Hypotheticals whose "Spin" suddenly sealed Earth in a "cosmic baggie,­" making one of its days equal to a hundred million years in the universe beyond. As convincing as Wilson's scientific hypothesizing is--­biological, astrophysical, medical--­he excels even more dramatically with the infinitely intricate, minutely nuanced relationships among Jason, Diane and Tyler, whose older self tries to save them both with medicines from Mars, terraformed through Jason's genius into an incubator for new humanity. This brilliant excursion into the deepest inner and farthest outer spaces offers doorways into new worlds--­if only humankind strives and seeks and finds and will not yield compassion for our fellow beings

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