Estate Planning for People with a Chronic Condition or Disability
Martin M. Shenkman CPA MBA JD


Title: Estate Planning for People with a Chronic Condition or Disability

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This is the first comprehensive estate-­planning guide for those living with a chronic disease or disability. This book is targeted at those planning for the disbursement of their estates, no matter their size.­Estate-­planning is crucial for those living with a chronic disease or disability: individuals must express their preferences whether to receive long-­term care at home rather than in a nursing home in the event that they become more disabled, and it is more important for one who has a chronic illness to name a power of attorney. Estate Planning for People with a Chronic Condition or Disability covers all of those topics plus:
How to write your willHow to determine how much life insurance your family needsHow to figure out whether you need a living trustLearn about powers of attorneyWhen to work with a lawyer, if you need toThe book also includes downloadable sample forms for:
Power of AttorneyLiving WillDesignation of Proxy for Financial and Health Decisions;­Chapter 1. 7 Steps of Estate Planning; Chapter 2. Chronic Illness Estate Planning Basics; Chapter 3. Organizing Legal, Financial, and Other Information: The Key to Your Security; Chapter 4. Competency: Taking Legal Action to Protect Yourself; Chapter 5. Power of Attorney: Authorizing Someone to Take Legal Action for You; Chapter 6. Ensuring Access to Your Medical Records: HIPAA; Chapter 7. Your Health Care Proxy and Living Will: Designating Someone to Make Health Care Decisions for You; Chapter 8. Emergency Child Medical Form; Chapter 9. Your Will: Distributing Assets and Caring for Your Loved Ones; Chapter 10. Revocable Living Trust: Maintaining Control and Protecting You Through Disability; Chapter 11 Charitable Giving; Chapter 12. Other Considerations; Chapter 13. Getting Started;­"In each chapter, Shenkman, in clear and concise terms, explains the basic concepts of estate planning, including the topics of wills, living wills, power of attorney, HIPAA laws, and health care proxy, among others. He also includes examples of various estate planning problems that people with chronic illnesses and/or disability may encounter and gives solutions to each issue and summarizes each chapter stressing the important issues covered... This book is very well written and would be a highly useful resource in public and consumer health libraries. CAPHIS, Medical Library Association I can't think of a legal, accounting, financial planning, or charitable planning practitioner that would not find ESTATE PLANNING FOR PEOPLE WITH A CHRONIC CONDITION OR DISABILITY both a valuable practice tool and a precious gift to share with select clients.­""--­Steve Leimberg, Leimberg Information ServicesÇReviews the basic components of estate planning while emphasizing the important nuances that must be considered when an individual is ill or disabled...­Conveys complicated information clearly and uses specific examples to connect it to common situations. Highly recommended.-- Library Journal""In this easy-­to-­read but no-­nonsense primer, Martin Shenkman delivers a wealth of information to help you organize your financial, legal and health-­care matters and protect yourself during your lifetime and beyond.­"" -- Anne Davis, Program Director, Legal Services, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, New York City Chapter, Momentum Magazine, Winter 2009-­2010 issue "

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