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Shattered by Love
Harms, C.­A.


Title: Shattered by Love

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He was the one.­The man she wanted with all her heart.­But it took years before Bree realized she deserved more then what Max was willing to give.­Max, was cocky and arrogant...­Too strong-­headed to admit that he felt more for Bree than just lust.­Then it happened...­One devastating night, and it shook Max to his very core.­That's when he began to see life in whole new way.­Now he's left to sort through the mess that he's created.­Will he be able to rise above it all and make amends with those he needs the most?­Or will the damage be irreversible and leave him longing for what could have been?

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Guest on 2015-­08-­18 09:­57:­37

Seriously why is she so weak this book just made me angry she keeps on giving in