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Mick Sinatra: For Once In My Life
Monroe, Mallory


Title: Mick Sinatra: For Once In My Life

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Bad boy Mick Sinatra feels the heat from the Feds from without, and disloyal men from within. He has no time for love. But when a woman comes along so unlike the dull socialites and supermodels of his past, he wonders if fate is playing a cruel trick on him. How can a woman so virtuous, and kind, and beautiful in a way that reduces him to a horny teenager ever want anything to do with a hard, cold man like him? He know he can have her. He never met a woman he could not woo. But in order to keep her, which he absolutely intends to do, he knows he will have to open himself bare and show her the good, the bad, and the ugly Mick. Mick Sinatra is a hugely successful businessman. Mick the Tick is a thug. African-­American actress Roz Graham never dreamed the handsome Italian at the audition would soon become the love of her life. He’s rude and crude and brutally honest. But there’s another side to him. The side that treats her, the girl who never got any breaks, like his queen. And when she decides to give her heart to him, she is amazed at the care, the attention, and yes, the love, he gives back to her. Mick Sinatra: For Once In My Life is the first book in the Mick Sinatra interracial romance series.

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