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Dapper Tom Begin Again
Monroe, Mallory


Title: Dapper Tom Begin Again

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Tommy Gabrini is divorced and back in what he calls the meat market. But he’s only tasting. His days of buying are over. When he meets Liz Logan, a smart, successful, African-­American bombshell who is playing the field just as eagerly as he is, he feels as if he has finally found his open relationship soul mate. And he’s realistic about this new coupling. By virtue of his strong physical reaction to her, he’s certain she will eventually become his go-­to person when he needs that sexual release. Given the way she does him in bed, he’s absolutely fine with that. But what he isn’t banking on is the emotional connection. What he comes to realize is that whenever she’s away from him, he cannot bear it. He cannot get her off of his mind. And when she comes through for him in a mighty way, and they both begin to realize just how much they truly need each other, sparks fly for Tommy once again, but on a level so profoundly different that it nearly costs him everything. In the latest installment of the Gabrini Men series, Tommy finds love and happiness once again, but at what price?

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