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Carolyn Faulkner


Title: Nola

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ISBN: 9781609681333

Fiery, independent Nola Hughes fought valiantly for women's rights, but never realized that her own were going to be considerably impinged upon by a father who practically sold her into marriage. Worse than that, her new bridegroom was an autocratic, domineering wretch of a man she'd taken an instant disliking to the moment they'd met. Brandon Sawyer had let his father and grandfather's obvious wishes for him to produce heirs to their vast family fortune go completely unfulfilled. No woman had ever so much as rated a second glance from him. . . . until he saw that pale pink angel with the shockingly styled red hair at the Vanderbilts' ball. Whether she knew it or not, whether she wanted it or not, the decidedly unconventional Miss. Nola Hughes was going to become Mrs. Brandon Sawyer. Not known for his more tender feelings towards much of anyone, including those of the opposite sex, Brandon found himself in an awkward struggle with both himself and his wife as those delicate feelings towards her overwhelmed and angered him at times. Yet she seemed to remain annoyingly untouched. He came to want more from her than he'd ever wanted from anyone, and he would settle for nothing less than all of her.

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