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The Wood Beyond the World
William Morris


Title: The Wood Beyond the World

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ISBN: 9781465572790, 9781438591827, 9781455357659, 9781587152146, 9781438552002, 9780000760388, 9780000880154, 9781300185697, 9780015786533, 9781760081430

"In The Wood Beyond the World, a sea voyage separates the more fantastic realms from the hero Walter's mundane home town, though the land of the Wood sends visions even there--­of the land's witchy Mistress, her enslaved Maid, and a hideous, savagely energetic dwarf servitor. . . . Walter defies all advice and reason, abandons his fellows, and sets off through mountains and wastes to the Wood where he can meet the mysterious three . . . the stage is set for triangular games of love and power.­" -- David Langford "C.­S. Lewis and J.­R.­R. Tolkien both acknowledged the influence of William Morris.­" -- The Encyclopedia of Fantasy "No mountains in literature are as far away as the distant mountains of Morris.­" -- C.­S. Lewis "With his epochal novels of the 1880s, William Morris established the tradition of the tale set in a completely imaginary world of the author's own invention.­" -- Lin Carter

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