Wounded Hearts
Liz Andrews


Title: Wounded Hearts

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ISBN: 9781596324930

Erin Riley receives a "Dear Jane" letter just days before her fianc is due home after two years away on active duty. Angry at first, she convinces herself it must be because she's overweight while he's become a honed military hunk. Determined to convince him he's just forgotten what he was missing on the home front, she screws up her courage and sets out to seduce him despite her own misgivings about her figure. But she's surprised to discover Patrick is a changed man. No longer her loving high school sweetheart, he's harder and she discovers he has a dark side. Although he succumbs to her lush charms, he remains adamant their engagement should remain broken. Fortunately, Erin isn't someone who gives up easily. Patrick O'Rourke has seen a lot during his two years away. After a tragic incident, he's convinced he's no good for anyone, especially his innocent young fiance. He's not the same man he was two years ago and he doesn't want to defile Erin with his needs and desires. But from the moment he walks throug

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