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The Chronicles of Clovis


Title: The Chronicles of Clovis

33 downloads, last downloaded at June 19, 2017

ISBN: 1230000095518, 1230000176423, 9781775450641, 9781412132831, 9780486112589, 1230000100763, 9781627939126, 9781412159777, 9781613109656, 9781455351534, 9780014540341, 9780012971581, 9781304714565, 9780011850436, 9780000760562, 9783655035481, 9781304028921

There are good things which we want to share with the world and good things which we want to keep to ourselves. The secret of our favourite restaurant, to take a case, is guarded jealously from all but a few intimates; the secret, to take a contrary case, of our infallible remedy for seasickness is thrust upon every traveller we meet, even if he be no more than a casual acquaintance about to cross the Serpentine.

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