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Brother Jacob
George Eliot


Title: Brother Jacob

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ISBN: 1230000114140, 9785551334521, 9785551064527, 1230000017576, 9781455370887, 9781412181624, 9781438556321, 9782819921622, 9780000744937, 9781304809278, 9783655021033, 9780011874470

Among the many fatalities attending the bloom of young desire, that of blindly taking to the confectionery line has not, perhaps, been sufficiently considered. How is the son of a British yeoman, who has been fed principally on salt pork and yeast dumplings, to know that there is satiety for the human stomach even in a paradise of glass jars full of sugared almonds and pink lozenges, and that the tedium of life can reach a pitch where plum-­buns at discretion cease to offer the slightest excitement? Or how, at the tender age when a confectioner seems to him a very prince whom all the world must envy - who breakfasts on macaroons, dines on meringues, sups on twelfth-­cake, and fills up the intermediate hours with sugar-­candy or peppermint - how is he to foresee the day of sad wisdom, when he will discern that the confectioner's calling is not socially influential, or favourable to a soaring ambition? I have known a man who turned out to have a metaphysical genius, incautiously, in the period of youthful buoyancy, commence his career as a dancing- master; and you may imagine the use that was made of this initial mistake by opponents who felt themselves bound to warn the public against his doctrine of the Inconceivable

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