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Jennifer Ashley Allyson James


Title: Braden

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ISBN: 9780016381041

Braden, a levelthree Shareem, never thought hed find anything interesting in a library, of all places. That is, until he spies Elisa nArell sitting behind a reference desk. Shes lovely, polite, and uses cute words like mustnt. The trouble is, the pretty librarian is a registered celibate, offlimits, forbidden, especially for the nearly outlawed Shareem. The second problem is, Braden has come into the library to research the problem of getting Shareem off the planet, an activity that could get him arrested and all Shareem killed. He needs the librarians help to get into restricted databases, but he cant tell her why. Elisa knows good and well that her motives for taking the robes of a celibate were less than pure. When Braden walks into her library, he takes her breath away. He tempts her to put aside her vows for a time and find out what shes sacrificing. Elisa asks Braden to teach her, and enters a world of heat and passion shed never known existed. Too late, Elisa finds that forbidden fruit tastes the best

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