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Love, Lies, and Jericho
Monroe, Mallory


Title: Love, Lies, and Jericho

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Businessman bad boy Mick Sinatra is at a sweet spot in his life. His business is flourishing, the Feds are off his back, and Rosalind Graham, his African-­American girlfriend, is making her own way in a cutthroat Philadelphia marketplace. He still worries sick about her, but he respects her drive and determination. He and Roz even find time for a reunion in Jericho with his big brother, Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, and meet a family filled with love, grace, and inspiration. But when his son is nearly killed in a drug-­deal-­gone-­wrong scheme, and Roz is targeted in a snatch and grab, Mick finds himself in a war he didn’t know had been declared. He didn’t start it, but he knows he has to finish it, before it finishes him.

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