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Too Much To Bear
Raines, Harmony


Title: Too Much To Bear

944 downloads, last downloaded at November 23, 2018

urvy girl, Jenny has been haunted by the devastation Beck unleashed on her when they were at high school. Lacking in confidence, she only came to terms with her life after he left town. But now he's back. Showing up unexpectedly she can't figure out his strange behaviour. Until he admits she's his mate. With new found control over him, she is determined to resist the urge to mate with him. However, as her coming of age approaches and the change threatens to rob her of her willpower can she hold herself back. Or will he destroy her once more? Beck can't believe his luck. The girl he was cruel to at school is his mate. He needs to find it in himself to win her over, and make her see they have a future together. Just when he has found a way, his own doubts surface, making him hell bent on tearing both of their lives apart.

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