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A Bride for the Bear
Raines, Harmony


Title: A Bride for the Bear

607 downloads, last downloaded at April 20, 2019

A Bride for the Bear is a standalone story set in Bear Creek Curvy girl Alli owns Bear Brides, the go to bridal boutique in Bear Creek. She has helped dozens of young brides have their perfect dream wedding. So she can't help dreaming of her own big day, if she can ever find the right man. Right now, she has come to the realisation, her current boyfriend Graham, is not it. However, just as she comes to this conclusion, in walks a man she would love to call hers. Big, dark and incredibly sexy, Kian draws sensations from her body she never knew existed. In those first few seconds of being near him, Alli knows she needs that kind of passion in her life. But before she can break off her current relationship, Graham appears with a ring and asks her to marry him. What's a girl to do? Full of confusion, can Alli learn to trust her new feelings? Or will she end up marrying the wrong man? Kian is new in town, he has nothing going for him, except a willingness to work hard. With a younger sister to support, he has turned all his attention to renovating a farmhouse. He wants to give them both a safe, secure home. Meeting Alli, his true mate, throws him off balance, especially when her boyfriend proposes to her, right in front of him. But how can he compete, when all he has to offer her is his love? Can Kian swallow his pride and be the man Alli needs to sweep her off her feet? And will she accept his secret animal side, when he finally reveals it? For adults only, contains scorching hot scenes.

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