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Excessica Anthology BOX SET Winter
Kitt, Selena


Title: Excessica Anthology BOX SET Winter

527 downloads, last downloaded at April 19, 2019

WINTER If the spirit and magic of the winter season wasn’t enough to keep you warm as the weather turns cold, you can count on the erotica in this spicy anthology to do the trick! So let it snow, and curl up with your favorite eXcessica authors and this sexy, seasonal anthology, bringing you the best of all things winter! Stories included from: Sommer Marsden, Kiki Howell, Mallory Path, Phillip Sweeny, Paul McDermott, J.­M. Snyder, Alessia Brio and Will Belegon, Giselle Renarde, Rachelle Le Monnier, Saskia Walker and Selena Kitt. SOMETHING WICKED The brightest lights cast the deepest shadows. Our eXcessica authors have reached into the darkest reaches of their writer’s hearts to offer you erotic horror stories that will steal you--­heart, body and soul! Stories included by: Selena Kitt, Roxanne Rhoads, Jim Baker, G.­R. Richards, D.­B. Story, Piers Anthony, Sam Kepfield, Jack Osprey, J.­L. Dillard, Jennifer Campbell and M.­E. Hydra WONDER Whether it’s werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, angels, ghosts or aliens—these are stories with all of those strange and wonderfully sexy creatures that fascinate the human psyche! Come on a spicy, paranormal journey that ventures into titillating realms bound only the imaginations of your favorite eXcessica authors! A dozen stories included in this volume by Wynter O’Reilly, Selena Kitt, D.­B. Story, Sommer Marsden, J.­M. Snyder, Dakota Trace, Piers Anthony, Roxanne Rhoads, Elise Hepner, Darcy Sweet, Christabel Rouseau and Erin O’Riordan. STRANGE LOVE This world is full of the strange and unusual, from shapeshifters to anthropomorphic characters to genies to robots—check out these stories of unconventional love from the authors at Excessica! Strange never seemed so hot before! Stories by Morgan Sierra, Elliott Mabeuse, D.­B. Story, Wynter O’Reilly, Sam Kepfield, Amicus, Annette Gisby, Erin O’Riordan Bekki Lynn, Jennifer Campbell, Saskia Walker, Sommer Marsden, M.­E. Hydra, Madeleine Drake and Kiera Thomas.

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