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Her First Time With A Bear
Raines, Harmony


Title: Her First Time With A Bear

766 downloads, last downloaded at October 4, 2019

Curvy girl, Paris has been abandoned by her mom, left to look after herself and make ends meet. Already struggling with college, and a part time job, she is forced to take on her mom's shifts at the local bar in order to survive. Things would be bad enough, but her handsome, rugged new boss looks at her in ways no man ever has before. She struggles with herself, trying hard not to give into her feelings for him. Paris is desperate not to end up like her mom, who has always dragged Paris from one place to another, sleeping with any man who wants her. But in avoiding men, in particular Wes, she might just end up making the biggest mistake of her life. Wes is shocked when naive Paris asks him for a job. He is instantly attracted to her, she is the mate he had almost given up hope of ever finding. Yet he struggles with his feelings for her, is it really fair to take her to his bed when she has no idea of his other, more animal side? Things don't run smoothly, but just when they have finally committed to each other, a new threat makes them realise just how much they belong together, by tearing them apart.

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