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[Lee's Girls 02] - For the Love of Chocolat
Sienna Mynx


Title: [Lee's Girls 02] - For the Love of Chocolat

402 downloads, last downloaded at March 6, 2019

Michelle Dixon is caught in a web of deceit, spun by the only people she should be able to trust: her sister, whose treachery has thrown her in the viper pit of mobster and jewel thieves, and Leith Sullivan, a notorious jewel thief and ruthless businessman.

Lee believes their dark past is the justification for their uncertain future. Michelle knows differently. Her father had taught her well. In order to survive the chase of a madman hell-­bent on revenge and a lover her body craves but her heart fears, she has only one option. She must find the Golden Chalice and end the war her father started in the black market. Her plan to break into one of the world’s most secure banks is not without risks. But for Michelle, this heist is the only key to freedom.

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