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[Child of Time 01] - Child of Time
Spencer Johnson


Title: [Child of Time 01] - Child of Time

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A tale of a young man and the new world he finds himself thrust into. What Kiyan knew about himself comes into doubt, his peaceful life must be left behind for a war. His heritage makes him an important element in the war that ravages the known universe. His actions can alter the futures for the better of for the worse. Some desisions could mean the fate of our universe. Kiyan is caught up in a war that he didn't start because of a vision seen through the mists of time. It is decreed that he will be the one who will end the war once and for all. Along the way he makes friends and enemies. Explores his powers and learns of the known races. Time becomes a weapon but it is a sword that can cut both ways. What is, what was and what might have been or yet will be hang in the balance. In the end, there is only one choice.

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