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This Just In
Jennifer McKenzie

Jennifer McKenzie

This Just In
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Title: This Just In

20 downloads, last downloaded at July 13, 2018

A lead on love
Sabrina Ryan is a successful reporter—until a mistake sends her back to her hometown. But when she takes a job at the local paper, she finds an unexpected perk: an interview with the town’s oh-­so-­sexy mayor, Noah Barnes. He’s hot, he’s charming and suddenly her days are looking up.
But even as things heat up between them, Noah seems hesitant. Okay, so Sabrina has a reputation for slanting her articles to get what she wants. That doesn’t mean she’s using him, does it? As Sabrina starts to earn Noah’s trust—and glimpses the man behind the mayoral role—she finds it’ll take more than words to win his heart.

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