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[Chase 01] - Chase
M L Young


Title: [Chase 01] - Chase

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One night. One Time. One Chance. That’s the motto record executive Matthew Chase lives by. He’s crass, rude, and has an undeniable charm and sexiness that makes any woman he seduces drop her panties right then and there. Alexis Green is a short, plain Jane, college student who has only bad luck both in life and in men. When they meet on RandomMeetX, a relationship and hookup app meant to match hot singles in their area, Chase sees Alexis as nothing more than a quick screw and forgettable face. When Alexis sees Chase, she sees the man who is finally going to bring her out of her slump, even if he is a bit of a misogynistic ass. The only thing Chase doesn’t realize is that Alexis is going to prove to be far more than just a one night screw, and he doesn’t like it, not one bit. This is the first part of a three part serial. The volumes are all 20,­000 words, and have an alternating point of view.

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